Our philosophy is to develop Expertise, Efficiency and Effectiveness in a diversity of practice areas in order to be able to provide our clients with the optimum legal solutions.


ESLF aims to gather both the professional and the practical experience of its professional staff in order to achieve the client objectives efficiently and in a timely manner.


ESLF is we are observing and committed to maintaining intimate client and lawyer relationship in order to keep a direct and open communication channel for prompt response. Our firm is aware of the fact that the ideal business relationship is based on personal and mutual understanding and respect.


We manage our work with a practical outlook at reality in its evolving, economic and distributive balances with the purpose of developing sound solutions on solid legal and judicial ground.



Dedication to Clients

  • The staff are totally committed to serving the clients and are intelligent in the way they manage the relationships and working with them
  • We understand and care about our clients' business and help them to develop and succeed
  • We are proactive with our clients, anticipating their needs and providing solutions, which are timely, clear and pragmatic


  • We shape and manage our clients' expectations and are not afraid to challenge them when necessary
  • We enjoy working with our clients and are keen on having them enjoy working with us too


  • We have a relationship with our clients that are based on trust, mutual respect and integrity


Emphasis on collaboration and team work

  • We all take responsibility for, identify with, and share in the success of our law Firm


  • We work at generating good team spirit, openness and friendliness in the workplace
  • We help and support each other and take pride in each other's success


Seeking Excellence in Performance

  • Ensure that our work, our process and service are consistently of the highest quality


  • Enable everyone who works with us - our people, our clients, our business partners - to excel
  • Deliver technical excellence and value beyond it


  • Open to constructive criticism and to suggestions for improvement



Corporate Responsibility

The first corporate responsibility adopted by the firm focuses on three principal aspects to our CR focus – our people, our communities and the environment. We believe this choice reflects our values and Principles, aligns with our business strategy and will generate more opportunities to work alongside our clients for the benefit of our communities.

Looking ahead and achieving our targets

We are proud of what we have achieved so far in terms of pulling our pro bono and community work into a global programme and we know that there is the potential to do even better in the future.

Over the coming year we will be working towards the targets that we have set ourselves in relation to management, people, business alignment and the environment. We will also look at marketplace issues in relation to our clients, our suppliers and our engagement with regulators, governments, international bodies and the wider business community.